Economic development

In 2015, facing with the complex domestic and oversea economic environment, the whole city adhered to the overall working tone of making process while maintaining stability according to the decision deployment of the municipal Party committee and municipal government. It made adaptation to the new normal actively and accelerated the transformation and upgrading. The economic development achieved a trend of “overall stability, progressing in stability and prosperity in stability”, with main indexes over national and provincial average level, the comprehensive strength rising to a new level, restructuring obtaining new progress and people’s livelihood achieving new improvement. According to primary accounting and the confirmation of the provincial Statistical Bureau, the whole city realized a regional GDP of 531.988 billion Yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 9.5% according to the calculation of comparable prices. The growth rate is 1% higher than the provincial average, 2.6% higher than the national level (6.9%), ranking the fifth in Jiangsu Province. From the perspective of the three industries: the primary industry achieved an increment of 50.476 billion Yuan, rising by 3.5%; the secondary industry achieved an increment of 235.506 billion Yuan, rising by 9.8% and the third industry achieved an increment of 246.006 billion Yuan, rising by 10.2%.