Tourist Characteristics

Xuzhou enjoys a long history and rich culture and there are a large number of historic sites. The most shinnig cultural heritage and historic sites in Xuzhou are Western Han and Eastern Han cultures represented by “Three Superb Heritages of Han Dynasty”, i.e. Terra-Cotta Warriors of Han Dynasty, Han Dynasty Tombs and Han Dynasty Stone Portraits. As the originator of Han culture, Xuzhou holds Han Culture International Tourist Festival at the beginning of October every year. 

Xuzhou has been a hotly contested spot since ancient times, such as the ancient battlefield of Jiulishan Mountain and the new relic of the Huaihai Campaign. Anshan Mountain Jiulong Valley Scenic Spot, located in Pizhou Xuzhou, is the national 4A level scenic spot with picturesque scenery. There is the largest fountain in China and Lianyu Avenue made from white marble which add to the beauty of Xuzhou. The scenic spot centered on Yunlong landscape and Quanshan National Forest Park is an integration of the powerful north beauty and delicate south beauty. It is as elegant as Xizi and as beautiful as the regions south of Yangtze River, making Xuzhou into an excellent scenic resort with its own characters. 

Hometown of Peng Zu 

Scenic spots in the hometown of Pengzu: Peng Zu temple, Peng Zu well, Peng Zu tomb, Dapeng Mountain, Dapeng Valley and Dapengshi Kingdom heritage.

Xuguo Kingdom heritage 

Native area of Xuyi culture: Stone chamber of King Xuyan, King Liangwang heritage, Jizi sword seat, Yanwang lighthouse and Little radish memorial 

Chu verses and Han rhythm 

Representative scenic spots/zones: Xuzhou Han Culture Scenic Spot (including the temple of King of Chu on Lion Mountain, Xuzhou Han Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum, Underwater Terra-Cotta Warrior Museum, Bamboo forest temple on Camel Mountain), Ancestor temple of Emperor of Han, Original temple of Han Gaozu, Imperial tombs of Chu and Han in Xuzhou, Han tomb Guishan Mountain, Han tomb on Beidong Mountain, Han stone relief museum in Xuzhou, Han stone tomb in Maocun town, Xuzhou museum, Xuzhou Han city, Peixian Han city, Yiqiao bridge, Sword-drawing spring, Sishui pavilion, Fanzeng tomb, Tomb of Wang Ling’s mother, Liu Xiang’s tomb and Long Sheng’s tomb.


Representative scenic spots/zones: Kuaizai pavilion, Sanrang pavilion, Sishui pavilion, Fanghe pavision, Zhaohe pavilion, Maji pavilion, Daibi pavilion, Wanghong pavilion, Guandao pavilion, Xima platform, Gefeng pavilion, Qingling pavilion, Shooting the Helberd Pavilion, Peng Zu building, Bawang building, Swallow building, Yellow building, Kui building, Five-province thoroughfare memorial arch, Bell and drum tower, Dapeng pavilion of Peng Zu park, Fengyun tower of Xima platform and Iron Buddhist temple on Aishan mountain in Pizhou.

Garden landscape 

Representative scenic spots/ zones: Peng Zu park, Pengcheng goldstone park, Xuzhou fruits park, Xuzhou Jiayue park, Yunlong park, Zhushan park, Xuzhou botanic garden, Qingshan park, Kuishan park, Zhushan Dangkou park, Xiapi park, Pizhou gingko park, Pizhou Taohua Island, Pizhou Aishan mountain scenic spot (national 4A scenic spot), Dasha River hundred-mile sightseeing belt in Fengxian county and Baitang River wetland park in Suining Jiangsu. 


Xuzhou with green mountains and clear waters: Guhuang River, the Grand Canal, Yuanlong Lake, Jiuli Lake, Jinlong Lake, Dalong Lake, Jiulong Lake, Peijian Lake, Pan’an Lake, Xuanshui Lake, Weishan Lake, Spring Mountain, Yunlong Mountain, Zifang Mountain, Hubu Mountain, Jiuli Mountain, Chuwang Mountain, Dongzhu Mountain, Lvliang Mountain, Jiulong Mountain in Pizhou, Taohua Island in Pizhou, Aishan Mountain in Pizhou, Maling Mountain in Xinyi.

Famous tourist towns 

Yaowan ancient town (national characteristic tourist town, national service industry standardization pilot and national 4A level scenic spot), Liuquan town (China green town and national ecological civilization town), Hanwang town (China green town and most characteristic tourist town in China), Tiefu town (national gingko museum, national gingko base, Aishan Mountain scenic spot (4A level scenic spot)) and Liguo town (the first “China Su Shi Culture Town” in China). 


The source of military culture: Jiulishan ancient battlefield, Memorial garden to the martyrs in Huaihai Campaign, Xuzhou national defense museum, Nianzhou campaign memorial, Canal detachment anti-Japanese memorial, Xu Haidao bureau, Former residence of Wu Yalu, Former residence of Guo Leshan, “Little Radish” memorial and Shuangyong memorial. 

Cultural festivals 

Han Culture International Tourist Festival: held in Xuzhou every October; watching ancient cultural ceremony imitation on large squares by performing Grand Ceremony in Han Palace as well as Han music ,Han dance and Han folk performance; visiting historical relic exhibition of Han Dynasty and Xuzhou folk crafts exhibition; enjoying large ancient cultural ceremony imitation performance Worshiping in Gaomiao in Hancheng Peixian county 

Yunlong Mountain temple fair: 29th of the second month of the lunar calendar, Yunlong Mountain

Xuzhou Peng Zu Volt Sheep Festival: from July 16 (the first day of the first dog days) to Aug. 16

Liu Bang Culture Festival: once every two years, Peixian county 

Cherry Blossom Art Festival: every march, Peng Zu Park 

Sophora Flower Festival: every April to May, Maling Mountain scenic spot 

Li Keran Art Festival: once a year, Dec. 4 to Dec. 7

Ma Ke Art Festival: once every two years 

Zifang Mountain temple fair: once a year 

Mount Tai Temple Fair: once a year 

Pear Flower Festival: held once a year usually during the blossom season of pear flowers from March to April, Fengxian County Xuzhou 

Apple Festival in Fengxian: held once a year usually during apple’s ripe season from October to November.

Theme park 

Xuzhou Amusement Land is the key project of Amusement World Square and the theme park developed by the headquarter of Suzhou High-tech Zone Economic Development Group after Suzhou Amusement Land. It is located at the southwest of South Sanhuan Road and the west of Yudai River. It belongs to Yunlong Lake Scenic Spot, covering an area of 810mu. 

The latest 5th generation of high-tech amusement land design concept is adopted in the construction of Xuzhou Amusement Land, with an integration of high-tech amusement project, natural ecological landscape and western architectural style. It integrates modern amusement, ecological leisure, cultural entertainment and other travel modes. With the combination of the real mountains and rivers in Xuzhou, it achieves the perfect integration of artificial and natural landscape. The part has three key projects of Water World, Candy World and Amusement World.