Religious folk

Folk customs

Historical and cultural city of Xuzhou, a long history of traditional folk. Tang Yao period, VIII, the Yellow Emperor Sun Pengzu ascribed to big Peng (i.e. Xuzhou City of today), cooking Peng Zushan, because skilled Lianqi health and become a symbol of longevity in China. The Xuzhou custom is still more or less from being Pengzu health care practices. On the festival days, "Ji Zi Peng Su, Guo Fu, was" still Xuzhou people advocating couplets.

Opera Art

Xuzhou folk village". Popular in the drama of the region there are Liuqin drama, Xuzhou Qinshu, Jiangsu opera, opera, Peking Opera, Flower Drum Opera, sipingdiao drama, Ding Dingqiang, shadow play, Pingju opera, drama etc.. The drama is about 200 years of history, Jiangsu Bangzi opera has a history of 300 years. Xuzhou Qinshu in national folk art in the garden occupies a certain position, known as one of the three yeast in Jiangsu Province (Xuzhou Qinshu, storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect, Yangzhou Pinghua), the three largest Qinshu (Beijing Qinshu, Shandong Qinshu, Xuzhou Qinshu) one of. Xuzhou local opera, folk dance, north of the existing high pitched, staunch, straightforward, simple style, and southern euphemism, lyric, exquisite, beautiful features.

Folk Handicraft

Xuzhou folk art has a long history and colorful new stone age pottery, fine bone carving, vivid Han Dynasty pottery, deep forceful stone portraits of Han Dynasty from folk artists. Spread so far have paper-cut of Xuzhou, Xuzhou sachet, clay figurines in Xuzhou, Xuzhou kite, cloth play, dough, sugar, sugar of Gong county, Peixian Fenghou tiger, lanterns, wood carvings, HW stone carvings, Pizhou woodcut, Pizhou pictures, Xuzhou straw, willow, embroidery, brocade of Xuzhou, Peixian brocade, Pizhou peasant paintings, Suining children's paintings and colorful, with their own characteristics. Pizhou City is China's Ministry of Culture named as the hometown of modern Chinese folk painting village, Chinese folk paper-cut art, Pei Jing An Zhen by China's Ministry of Culture named as township of the Chinese folk paper-cut art, Jiawang Dawu town was named the Jiangsu Provincial Department of culture for peasant painting village, Suining is named for the town of children's paintings.

Religious Belief

Representative attractions / district: Songlou Fengxian, Taoist culture area, Zhang Daoling Memorial, medicine box, peach Buddhism scenic area, the ovary temple, Longhua temple, bamboo grove temple, Xinghua temple, Tai tou temple, Bai TA Si, Dongshan temple, Ping Shan Temple, baiyun temple, Zong Shan Temple, sacred heart of Jesus church, Tsung Tsin church, nine Mirror Tower, Buddha pagoda, Chu king of the mountain cave of a Thousand Buddhas, nine mountain Baiyun cave, Izumiyama Ka Laodong, Pizhou iron Buddhist temple.