Xuzhou was called Pengcheng in ancient times and was one of the nine cities in Huaxia (the ancient name for China). It has 5000 thousand years of civilization history and 2500 years of city building history. The whole city covers an area of 11258km2 with a population of 10.2352 million. It has 2 cities (Xinyi and Pizhou), 3 counties (Fengxian County, Peixian County and Suining County) and 5 districts (Yunlong, Gulou, Quanshan, Tongshan and Jiawang) under its administration. As the “larger city” granted by the State Council, it has been awarded the national historical and cultural city, excellent tourist city in China, national ShuangYong Model city, national Environmental Model City, etc.Xuzhou enjoys strategic regional advantage that it connects the east and west, the south and th [more]

  • Dining in Xuzhou

    Pengzu is acknowledged to be ancestor of cooking. It is said that in the Yao period, Pengzu got appreciation of the Emperor and was granted a title because he was good at cooking, so he established a Dapeng country in Xuzhou. Dishes in Xuzhou inherit the traditional antiquity of Dapeng with sophisticated steps and unique flavor. Almost every dish has a touching story.

  • Shopping in Xuzhou

    There are many business districts and a number of large shopping malls, supermarkets in Xuzhou now. The shopping centers in Huaihai road and Zhongshan road are placed closely side by side, which are the most prosperous places.

  • Hotel in Xuzhou

    Xuzhou tourist hotels are spread throughout the city, whose reception capacity and service levels can meet the needs of all levels of Chinese and foreign tourists. Wherein the Nan Jiao Hotel and Garden Hotel are international three-star tourist hotel, which have complete set of facilities that can meet various needs of different people.