Introduction to Tourism

1.Folk crafts in Xuzhou can be called a rich treasury. Suining Children’s Drawing, Pizhou Folk Paper-Cut and Farmer Painting once had comprehensive influence across the whole country. 

2.Folk toys in Xuzhou is also an interesting world. Clay toys, wooden toys, clothing toys, sugar sculpture and dough figurine will draw you attention absolutely with their simple, delicate, dignified or inspiring features. Moreover, there are wooden new year pictures, straw-plaited embroidery, sculpture, knit cotton, kites, etc., every piece of which is an artistic creation shining with intelligence.  

3.The starting taxi fare is 7 Yuan (3km), 1.4Yuan/km and then 2.1Yuan/km for the mileage exceeding 6km. 

4.Tourist complaint No. in Xuzhou: 0516-83709993

5.The Second Rest House of Xuzhou Storage and Transportation (30/room) is located in Qingnian Road not far away from the Railway Station. It is a typically traditional rest house, with public bathroom and shared air-conditioner of two rooms and the rooms are fairly clean. The prices of hotels in the south of the city around China University of Mining and Technology are almost the same. 

6.A man sells roasted mutton in Boai Street of Hubushan Mountain. He cuts the meat into large pieces for roasting, then cuts then into small ones after roasting and pours seasoning on them. The amount bought with 4 Yuan is larger than two mutton shashliks in Shanghai. It is tender and slightly spicy which is different from Xinjiang mutton shashhlik. You will enjoy it first, but gradually it is kind of greasy. Citizens of Xuzhou prefer mutton to pork and they have 2000 thousand years tradition for eating mutton. 

7.Wandering Street Restaurant is located at the Pedestrian Street whose environment ranks among the top in Xuzhou. Suining and Dawangji are subsidiary counties of Xuzhou. People in Suining have a special way to eat Tofu – the tofu shall be hard ones with faint scent and they eat with chopped chilli. At first you won’t feel the spicy, but after a while you whole mouth will be burning. Sausage in Dajiwang has a special taste. The making process is delicate and the taste is delicious.

8.The imitated Han Dynasty Buildings are located in the downtown. In the history, Xiang Yu once built Xima Platform in Xuzhou. Bu the existing Xima Platform is an imitated one built recently. The scenic spot is very small and a large number of pavilions are built on the earth mound. With the tickets, tourists could visit Zhengjia House which has the characters of Ming and Qing Dynasty dwellings. Though it is reconstructed on the original site, its appearance looks good and there are many rooms in the house and a gingko tree of 500 years. 

9.One can go down the mountain through a slide from the Observation Deck. Actually the slide is very simple as it is almost the same as the sliding plate except for the joystick to speed up and stop. It runs on a track made of stainless steel and the speed is controlled by oneself. In case of any problem, you can walk out of the slide to walk. There’s only one defect that it is unable to protect the tourists from wind and rain. 

10.There are various special local products in Xuzhou such as pancake, Guida, Osmanthus hawthorn cake, children’s crunchy candy, dried moss, apple of Fengxian county, winter peach of Peixian county, Fish wrapped in mutton, dog mean of Peixian county, gingko of Pizhou, etc. South Jiefang Road and South Fuxing Road are famous food streets in Xuzhou. 

11.Cuizhai, which is located 40km north of Xuzhou, is the famous “hometown of dog meat”. You can see Dog Meat in Soft-shelled Turtle Soup everywhere in the streets covered by quilt, which is sold about 17Yuan per Jin. There are many buses in Xuzhou Railway Station to Cuizhai, which takes 6 Yuan and one hour’s drive. 

12.There are two large festivals in Xuzhou, the “Han Culture Tourism Festival” held in October every year and Yunlong Mountain Temple Fair held on the 19th day of the second month according to lunar calendar. If you travel in Xuzhou during these periods of time, you will not only be able to enjoy the scenic spots, historic sites and beautiful landscape, but also be able to watch folk art performance, participate in the exhibition of folk handiworks and taste authentic Xuzhou snacks. 

13.Xuzou has been an elegant place with many concealed talents since the ancient times. Peng Zu, the originator of spirit cultivation and health preservation in China, Liu Bang, the founding emperor of Han Dynasty, the hero Xiang Yu and the literary giant Su Dongpo have left their trace in Xuzhou. Xuzhou is the home of Liu Bang (Han Gaozu).