Brief Introduction

Xuzhou was called Pengcheng in ancient times and was one of the nine cities in Huaxia (the ancient name for China). It has 5000 thousand years of civilization history and 2500 years of city building history. The whole city covers an area of 11258km2 with a population of 10.2352 million. It has 2 cities (Xinyi and Pizhou), 3 counties (Fengxian County, Peixian County and Suining County) and 5 districts (Yunlong, Gulou, Quanshan, Tongshan and Jiawang) under its administration. As the “larger city” granted by the State Council, it has been awarded the national historical and cultural city, excellent tourist city in China, national ShuangYong Model city, national Environmental Model City, etc.

Xuzhou enjoys strategic regional advantage that it connects the east and west, the south and the north to conduct double opening and gradient promotion. It is located at the boarder of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui, and is the central city of Huaihai Economic Zone, one of the four large cities under Jiangsu’s key planning and construction and one of the core cities of the top three metropolitan areas. The traffic is convenient. Xuzhou is known as “the thoroughfare of five provinces” and is an important transportation hub. Lanzhou – Lianyungang Railway and Beijing – Shanghai Railway trunks join in the city. It has the second largest marshalling station in China; 5 national highways, 20 provincial highways and 5 expressways run through the city, with its expressway mileage ranking the first in all prefecture-level cities in China. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs along the city to pass through. Guan Yin Airport is a national civil airline trunk airport. Luning Oil Pipeline runs through the city from the north to the south. It has formed a three-dimensional transportation pattern of “the Junction of Five Means of Transportation”, i.e. railway, highway, waterway, airway and pipeline. Particularly, Beijing –Shanghai and Xuzhou – Lanzhou High Speed Railway join in Xuzhou; after completion, it will be only two hours’ distance from Beijing and Shanghai. Xuzhou will become an important national high speed railway hub. 

Xuzhou is one of the regions with rich resources in good combination. Xuzhou has large reservation of over 30 mineral resources (including coal, iron, titanium, limestone, marble, quartzite, etc.) and their grades are high. Herein, the reservation of coal is 6.9 billion tons, gypsum 4.44 billion tons, rock salt 2.1 billion tons, iron 83 million tons and limestone 25 billion tons. It has a variety of agricultural and sideline products with distinctive characteristics. Gingko, Fuji Apple, burdock and other 20 species of agricultural and sideline products are renowned both at home and abroad. Xuzhou is the only coal producer in Jiangsu, with an annual output of 25 million tons. It is an important energy base, with an installed capacity of generated electricity of up to 10 million KW. 

Xuzhou enjoys a long history, a profound culture and large number of historic relics. “Three Superb Heritages of Han Dynasty” represented by Terra-Cotta Warriors of Han Dynasty, Han Dynasty Tombs and Han Dynasty Stone Portraits are renowned both at home and abroad. A large number of Terra-Cotta Warriors of Han Dynasty are unearthed in Xuzhou. Compared with the realistic style of Terra-cotta Warriors from Qinshihuang Mausoleum, the Terra-Cotta Warriors of Han Dynasty are metaphorical, expressing vividly the demeanor, expression and even psychological activities of the warriors. The thousands of vivid Terra-Cotta Warriors of Han Dynasty are like a grand and powerful army of Han Dynasty, running through time and space of history and standing before contemporary people. In addition to cultural relics of Western and Eastern Han Dynasty, historic relics such as “Xima Platform” of Xiang Yu, “Strong Wind Song Memorial” of Liu Bang, “Fanghe Pavilion” of Su Shi, “Large Stone Buddhist” or the Northern Wei Dynasty, “Swallow Building” of Tang Dynasty and “the city under the city” of Ming and Qing Dynasty spread all over the city, bring for the ancient city of Xuzhou profound cultural atmosphere and unique charm.