Xuzhou Han Stone Art Museum

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  • Hudong Road,Quanshan District,Xuzhou City,Jiangsu Province
Xuzhou Han Stone Art Museum


Xuzhou Han Stone Museum of art is located in the beautiful scenery of the Yunlong mountain in Shanxi, is a special museum collection, collection, research, Chen Liehan portrait stone, for the second National Museum, national AAAA level scenic spots. Its predecessor was established in 1956, "Jiangsu Province Xuzhou Han stone carvings like stone care group", 1959 to Jiangsu Province Xuzhou Han stone carvings like stone storage group "as the foundation to build Xuzhou Museum, and the establishment of" Han stone gravings showroom, 1986, Xuzhou Municipal People's government began to build Xuzhou Han portrait stone Museum of art, 1989 October 1, completed and opened to the public. In 2003 2007 the implementation of the expansion project, the completion of the expansion, the formation of two north-south pattern. The Museum covers an area of 20 thousand square meters, construction area of 8200 square meters, the exhibition area of 6362 square meters, 1504 blocks of stone. North Hall imitation of the Han and Tang Dynasties building, three compound, connected to the gallery, display the theme as "Han stone Cangzhen", exhibited Han portrait stone 167 block; South Hall for modern construction. The basic display for the Han Dynasty, stone epic ", exhibited Han stone 410. Temporary exhibition special exhibition "Han Yun - the Han Dynasty stone graphite fine rubbing 81 pieces. At Shandong, Henan, Northern Shaanxi, Sichuan Han Stone unearthed from the most representative portrait stone rubbings.